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Fish Oil Dosage – Find Out the Proper Dosage for You!

One can derive the many health benefits of fish oil by knowing the proper fish oil dosage his body type and health condition

The young, the old, the sick, and even the healthy can all take fish oil pills supplement their diet. However, like all other pills, this supplement can be harmful to those who ingest too much fish oil than the average person.What makes fish oil highly nutritional is its Omega 3 fatty acid content, particularly the Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega 3 is a type of good fat essential to the body. This fatty acid helps cure certain types of cancer, poor memory, heart disorders, and even muscle pains. This is why fish oil is widely used nowadays. Nevertheless, the fish oil dosage is not the same for everyone.

Knowing the Right Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Should You Take a Day?

If it is your first time to take in fish oil vitamins, do not start by taking three capsules per day. Although this is usually the instruction indicated in the label, it is better to test the waters first before plunging right in. This is to avoid side effects like allergies. Also, for those who are already on blood thinners, consult a doctor first before ingesting fish oil, since fish oil already thins the blood.

The normal recourse is to take one capsule per day but in increasing doses over time, until you finally reach three times per day. The World Health Organization recommends that 300-500 milligrams per day is a good starting point. The average healthy person should not exceed 3 grams (3000mg) of fish oil each day. For those with heart disorders and other diseases, the recommended fish oil dosage may vary according to the doctor’s prescription.

Here is a guide for those taking fish oil vitamins for the first time:

  1. Pregnant Women for the Unborn Child – Pregnant women can drink fish oil to secure the child’s good brain function when he is born. Studies have shown that a 200 to 3000 milligram dosage did not result in any side effects. Apart from this, pregnant women should have 1-2 servings of fish every week. Remember to verify with your doctor before supplementing your diet with anything.
  2. Children 5 years old and above – Start with 300mg to test if there are no side effects on the child. However, it is best to ask expert opinion than relying on estimation. Also, for those children who cannot swallow capsules or tablets yet, fish oil capsules can be cut open. The child can drink the liquid inside the capsule but he must drink the substance right away while it is still fresh.
  3. Average Healthy Adult – The minimum dosage is 500 milligrams everyday but this can increase up to 3000 milligrams after taking in the vitamins for a long time.
  4. Those with Heart Problems and Other Disorders – The minimum may start at 1000 milligrams but can even reach 4000 milligrams when the doctor says so. To guarantee the safety of the dosage, check it with the doctor first.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Although the side effects of fish oil are few and unlikely to happen, it is still important to be aware of what could happen if the proper fish oil dosage is not followed. One of the most common and most trivial is the “fishy burp” emitted by people who drink too much fish oil. These people often burp. However, the more serious disadvantages are:

  1. Poisoning – This happens when too many pollutants contained in the oil is absorbed by the body as a result of drinking it too much.
  2. Low blood pressure – Although fish oil is good for regulating blood circulation needed to cure high blood pressure and heart attacks, too much of this substance might result in the reverse: low blood pressure, which is equally detrimental to the person’s health.
  3. Bloated Stomach, Indigestion and other Gastrointestinal Problems – This can be lessened when the fish oil intake is regulated and the pills are meant only as supplements, meaning, taken after meals.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of fish oil is to determine how much dosage is necessary. As the Greeks were wont to say, everything should be in moderation because excess, even of something good, can be bad. Do not let the good effects of fish oil harm your health by knowing the proper fish oil dosage for you.