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Why Take Fish Oil Pills – All You Need to Know!

Fish oil pills are recommended by many doctors as a good way to supplement the average diet of any person. The benefits of fish oil supplements range from reducing heart risks to relieving symptoms of depression.

This is because fish oil contains large amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids which are considered a “good fat” essential to the body. Fish oil tablets even become more essential because Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body alone but must be obtained from food or diet.

The Good and The Bad: The Secrets of Fish Oil Pills

The health benefits derived from taking in fish oil pills everyday outweigh its possible side effects when the dosage requirement does not exceed the prescribed limit. Generally, here are some common fish oil benefits:

  1. Increased Brain function – Many people who take in fish oil capsules have a more reliable memory recall. They are also more alert and can think properly. This is because the brain is composed of high amounts of good fat which is needed to be productive. Concomitantly, fish oil is high in this “good fat” needed by the brain to improve brain function.
  2. Healthy Heart – The Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil pills thins the blood which reduces heart attacks, high blood pressure, and the like. It also maintains normal heart rhythm and blood flow.
  3. Weight Loss – All doctors say that the key in staying slim and healthy is by maintaining a balanced diet. Fish oil pills contain essential nutrients that will help lose weight because they can provide the body with nutrients needed to maintain such balanced diet.
  4. Skin Problems – The anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil will improve and soothe the skin even if these capsules are not a sure-fire way to treat acne and other skin diseases.
  5. Pains in the Muscles and Joints – Pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis can be relieved by taking in fish oil tablets also because of their anti-inflammatory qualities.
  6. Cancer – The contents of fish oil prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading out by letting the cells die.
  7. Prevents Depression – Fish oil has been proven to prevent chemical symptoms of depression and anxiety from occurring in the body, so fish oil pills can be useful when stressed or tired from work.

However, fish oil is not totally bereft of side effects, no matter how minimal they are. These negative effects can be prevented by purchasing a reliable brand of fish oil vitamins that are approved by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS).

  1. Fishy Burps – This is the result when the fish oil capsule becomes rancid and oxidized. Usually, this can be avoided by a buying a trusty medicinal brand of fish oil pills.
  2. Thinning blood – Fish oil pills helps improve the heart by thinning the blood. However, this may be bad for those who are already taking blood thinners. Thus, it is better to consult a doctor first before subscribing to this remedy.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

As with anything related to health and medicine, it is always better to seek expert opinion before considering fish oil pills as a vitamin. Doctors can also help in prescribing the proper fish oil dosage needed by the body depending on the age, size, and health record of the person. Usually, though, doctors recommend one gram of fish oil for a healthy body.

Start drinking fish oil pills slowly and increasingly, instead of drinking three capsules per day during the first try. Drink it once a day first, then after some time, drink it twice a day, and so on, until a three-times-a-day dosage is permissible.

Even children can ingest fish oil to supplement their diet. Fish oil capsules can be cut open and the children who do not know how to take in tablets or capsules yet can drink the oil oozing out from the broken pill. Just remember that once the pill is cut open, the oil inside should be taken in immediately so as to preserve its freshness and nutritional value.

Both health buffs and sickly people can gain from the many benefits offered by fish oil when used wisely and effectively. The most popular way of taking in your daily dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil pills contain all the nutrients needed to have a sound mind, a healthy heart, and a body brimming with life.

Fish Oil Side Effects – Know the Risks of Taking Fish Oil Pills

Fish oil side effects, though rare and minimal, can still occur if one takes in too much fish oil than the normal nutritional requirement.

However, anyone can still derive the many health benefits of this famous supplement by simply taking in the correct dosage depending on the person’s age, size, and health record.There are three types of good fat essential to the body: Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Fish oil pills contain two of the most important Omega 3 sources among these three types of fat – DHA and EPA. Since the body cannot produce these types of good fat by itself, the nutrients must be gained from external sources. This is why fish oil capsules are commonly used by people of all ages at present.

What are the benefits of fish oil?

Fish oil side effects are minimal in contrast to the various benefits that the oil can bring to the brain, the heart, and the body. Here are the primary benefits that fish oil provides:

  1. Prevents Heart Risks – Popping a pill a day improves blood circulation. It thins the blood thereby reducing blood clots. The supplement also regulates heart rate and maintains normal blood pressure.
  2. Improves Memory – The supplement is useful when studying or working because it increases alertness and recall capability. Moreover, it fights fatigue and anxiety due to stress.
  3. Fights Breast, Prostate, and Colon Cancer – Fish oil is known for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, thereby preventing them from spreading throughout the body.
  4. Gives Glow – Although the oil has not been proven to directly cure acne, it does give the skin a natural glow.

Fish Oil Side Effects

From the most trivial to the most serious of diseases, fish oil can be harmful to the body when the dosage is not regulated. If the dosage is right, taking in the pill will bring no side effect.

  1. Fishy Burp – Taking in the pill may cause a fishy smell when the person lets out gas. This can be corrected when one drinks the supplement after every meal.
  2. Diarrhoea, indigestion, and heartburn, acid reflux – This occurs when a person takes in fish oil in very high doses. Accordingly, this will not happen when the dosage is proportionate to the person’s age and body size. For instance, those suffering from heart diseases may drink higher doses of fish oil than the average person. However, this has to be prescribed by a physician.
  3. Nausea – Jut like gastrointestinal infections, this can be avoided by not drinking too much fish oil.
  4. Nosebleed – This is because of the blood-thinning properties of the oil. Avoid this by knowing the right dosage.
  5. Easy Bruising
  6. Lower Blood Cholesterol – Since this omega oil thins the blood, drinking it may be harmful to those taking blood thinners.

How Much Fish Oil? Knowing the Correct Dosage

The correct dosage will depend on the age and body size of the person. Going to the doctor to ask advice on this matter may be the best thing to do. Nevertheless, an average adult can take in up to 3000mg of fish oil capsules per day. Labels of pill bottles will say that one should drink the pill three times a day. However, if you have just started drinking, it may be better to start with one pill a day, increasing the dosage as time goes on.

  1. Children – Kids may have a hard time swallowing a pill or capsule. What parents can do is to slice open the pill and let the child drink the liquid inside. However, make sure to let your child drink the liquid as soon as you cut the pill open to maintain the freshness of the oil. Begin with a 300mg-dosage per day.
  2. Average Adult – Beginning at 500mg is safe, but this can increase until the adult can take in 3000mg per day. Pregnant women can also drink the pill to improve the brain function of the foetus when it is born. Although the same dosage has produced no side effect on pregnant women, it is still better to consult medical opinion on the matter.
  3. Adults Taking In Blood Thinners – Consult the doctor first since fish oil also thins the blood. This may complicate your health problems further.
  4. Adults with Heart Disorders – The dosage can go as high as 4000mg per day. To be certain, consult with a doctor before making this vitamin a permanent part of the diet.

Both men and women, young and old, can avoid the possible negative effects of fish oil pills by drinking the correct dosage. Enjoy all the benefits of these vitamins without the negative fish oil side effects to have a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Why Take Fish Oil Supplements after Every Meal

The wide-ranging benefits of fish oil supplements give justice to its popularity nowadays. From hair shine to a healthy heart rate, taking in a pill a day to supplement one’s diet is recommended by most doctors and nutritionists.

This is because fish oil contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), the two main ingredients which promote blood circulation, prevent cancer cell growth, regulate heart rate, and even give the skin a healthier glow.Fish oil vitamins are taken in at least once a day to as often as once after every meal. It usually comes in the form of soft gel capsules. However, it is better to start with one pill a day, increasing the dosage as you go along. The pill can also be sliced so that children can sip the liquid inside, in case they have a hard time swallowing tablets or capsules. To confirm the right fish oil dosage or your body type, consult the doctor first.

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

  1. Improves Blood Circulation, Reduces Heart Attacks – Fish oil thins the blood, which helps prevent the onset of heart attacks. It also prevents the blood from clotting and regulates blood circulation. In fact, salmon fish oil effectively reduces blood cholesterol. This is why many doctors recommend fish oil supplements for those afflicted with heart diseases, especially old people.
  2. Better Memory – Fish oil is also good for students and professionals alike because it helps brain output. It gives stronger recall for memorizing and remembering tidbits of information.
  3. Decreases the Chances of Depression – Studies have shown that taking in fish oil supplements can prevent the occurrence of depression. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  4. Contributes to Weight Loss – Despite going on a diet and trying to lose weight, people still need the same amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy and fit. Fish oil pills can retain that level of nutrition required even as a person is losing weight. They are a good supplement to health buffs.
  5. Glowing Skin – Although no direct link has been shown between fish oil and removing acne, the benefits of fish oil supplements extend to providing shiny hair and glowing skin. In fact, fish oil prevents aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  6. Stops inflammation – Pain in the joints is commonly caused by arthritis, and taking in fish oil vitamins can greatly reduce such inflammation.

Side Effects of Fish Oil Capsules

This vitamin may cause minor side effects that can be avoided by any cautious person.

  1. Rancid Pills – It is important to keep the fish oil container tightly sealed. This is because fish oil capsules are vulnerable to oxygen that can easily make the pills rancid and oxidized. Oxidized pills can give off a strong fishy smell and taste. Worse, it can lead to radical-producing chemicals that can lead to cancer. Refrigerating the pills after opening can solve this problem.
  2. Fishy Burp or Aftertaste – This side effect is the most common, especially for first-time takers. This can be prevented by taking in the supplement right after eating. Burping too much may also be the result of eating too much or too fast.
  3. Indigestion – This side effect can be avoided by drinking the vitamin after eating.

With the proper intake depending on the person’s age and body size, taking fish oil vitamins after eating can be the best way to reduce the risk of illnesses. This can even promote a stronger body despite trying to lose weight.

One of the best qualities of drinking fish oil supplements is its ability to improve not just one’s health, but also the emotional and mental well-being of the person. These benefits certainly outweigh the minor and avoidable side effects of drinking the pill. Certainly, any person who wants to live long will not have any reason not to make fish oil supplements a normal part of his diet.

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil – Find Out Which is Better and Why!

Many people compare flaxseed oil vs. fish oil because they want to know what the difference is between the two and which provides more nutritional benefit to the body.

Both omega oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. However, whereas fish oil is derived from the fatty tissues of fish, flaxseed oil is derived from the flax plant, a native plant of Canada. Flaxseed oil is commonly used by vegans who cannot eat fish meat.Another difference between these two is the kind of omega 3 fatty acid content of these oils. Omega 3 fatty acids contain three essential ingredients: Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The most important among the three is DHA, because it is the main actor in improving the immune and circulatory systems. Whereas flaxseed oil is rich in ALA, fish oil is rich in both DHA and EPA. This is why fish oil is a richer source of nutrition than flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil – Benefits and Side Effects

Although the ALA content in flaxseed oil can be converted into DHA, this conversion process will require a high dose of flaxseed oil intake. However, a high dosage is not advisable since too much flaxseed oil will loosen the stool and upset the stomach. There are also Omega 3 supplements from algae available that contain DHA and are suitable for vegans, vegetarians or people looking to avoid mercury from fish oil (such as expecting women).

One suggestion is to mix the fish oil and the flaxseed oil together so as to get all the nutrients of each capsule. Fortunately, there is no reported side effect in doing this. Here are some of thebenefits of fish oil and flaxseed oil together:

  • Cures Skin Problems – Flaxseed oil is recommended for those suffering from eczema, acne, and other skin diseases, which are caused by a lack of Omega 3 in the body. Fish oil, on the other hand, gives the skin a natural glow and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, even if it does not directly cure pimples.
  • Prevents Colon, Breast, and Prostate Cancer – Both omega oils are proven to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Strengthens the Circulatory System – Fish oil improves blood circulation and regulates heart rate, thereby retaining normal blood pressure and low cholesterol.
  • Removes Stress – The complete Omega 3 content derived from both flaxseed oil and fish oil will remove symptoms of stress in your body.
  • Loosens the Bowel – Drinking flaxseed oil has the additional benefit of cleaning your intestines and stimulating excretion of waste matter. This oil is also rich in fibre and protein, in contrast to fish oil.

Other Kinds of Omega Oil – The Benefits of Each

Apart from the debate between flaxseed oil and fish oil, many people are wondering about the difference of other omega oils that similarly provide the same omega 3 fatty acids. Here is a list of the unique characteristic of each:

  1. 1. Krill oil – Similar to any fish oil, krill oil is rich in both EPA and DHA. Only the form is different. The EPA and DHA in krill oil are easily absorbed by the body and promotes in building human tissues. This makes it an effective anti-inflammatory remedy, relieving dysmenorrhoea and other pains caused by rheumatism and arthritis.
  2. Salmon fish oil – Salmon fish oil is famous for being commonly higher in EPA and DHA content than other fish oils, although one can get other nutrients from these other omega oils in contrast to just using salmon fish oil.
  3. DHA fish oil – Since DHA is the most important omega 3 fatty acid, this kind of vitamin is highly concentrated in DHA. The main difference between this and other types of fish oils is the kind of fish used. Here, fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, and Hoki, a native fish of New Zealand, are the main sources.
  4. Cod liver oil – This is the original form of fish oil, used as far back as in old England. Whereas the normal fish oil is derived from the fatty tissues of fish, cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of cod fish. Fish oil, being derived from fat, contains more EPA and DHA than cod liver oil.

Deciding which kind of omega oil is the best will depend on each person’s needs. If you are only after the EPA and DHA content, then you can take salmon fish oil or DHA fish oil alone. If you want the full package, then taking in both flaxseed oil and fish oil might be a good idea. At the end of the day, there is no use debating about flaxseed oil vs. fish oil, because their characteristics are more complementary than adversarial.

Fish Oil Brands – Similarities and Differences

Since fish oil is now regarded by many as a necessary dietary supplement, many pharmaceutical companies have created their own fish oil brands that offer different levels of Omega 3 fatty acid content.

Fish oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are needed by the body to improve the circulatory and immune systems, among others.The two important types of essential fat contained in Omega 3 fatty acids are Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Since the body cannot produce such fatty acids on its own, it needs to get this omega oil from external sources. This is what the supplement provides.

What does fish oil do for your body?

There are many benefits of fish oil provides, from improving blood circulation down to preventing cancer. Here are some of the most common health benefits of this omega oil:

  1. Strengthens the Circulatory System – Taking in a pill a day will prevent the blood from clotting, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. The pill can maintain normal blood pressure and regulate heart rate.
  2. Prevents Breast, Colon, and Prostate Cancer – Fish oil inhibits the growth of cancer cells. This will prevent the cancer cells from growing into a huge mass and spreading throughout the body. In some cases, drinking the pill will even spur apoptosis or cell death.
  3. Soothes Pain – Those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism can drink this omega oil due to its anti-inflammatory qualities.
  4. Helps Brain Function – Most of the fat in a person’s brain is DHA. This is why the oil is helpful in improving memory and recall. It also makes the person more focused and alert.

Different Fish Oil Brands on the Market: Similarities and Differences

The best fish oil supplement will depend on how clean the fish used in the supplement are. The amount of DHA and EPA in each pill will also matter. Here is a list of the famous fish oil brands on the market:

  1. Carlson Fish Oil – Created by John and Susan Carlson in 1965, this brand uses mackerel and anchovies for their product, which is available in lemon and orange flavours. The supplement comes in liquid form, and the fishy burp and aftertaste is minimal in contrast to generic supplements. Just refrigerate the liquid after use to preserve its freshness. Furthermore, one dose will provide 1,600mg of Omega 3.
  2. Kirkland Fish Oil – One dose of this product will provide 300mg of Omega 3. Despite the small dosage per pill, it makes use of molecular distillation, which is the process of removing metals like lead and mercury from the fish, leaving it free from toxins and pollutants. It also does not contain artificial colouring and flavouring.
  3. Dr. Barry Sears Fish Oil – This brand is perfect for those suffering from heart disorders that require a higher dose of Omega 3. Each pill provides over 60% of DHA and EPA, in contrast to generic brands that only contain 30% per pill. Dr. Sears fish oil offers fine quality supplements, plus the benefits of contributing to weight loss and anti-aging, and increasing stamina.
  4. Nordic Naturals Fish Oil – Invented by Joar Opheim, Nordic Naturals makes use of small fish found in Norwegian waters such sardines and anchovies. This is because larger fish contain more contaminants and toxins than those found in smaller bodies of water. The fish undergoes molecular distillation, similar to Kirkland fish oil. Nordic fish oil has won several awards for their contaminant-free pills. Moreover, how they process their pills is based on latest research, thus making its technology up-to-date and its pills, less prone to side effects.
  5. Norwegian Fish Oil – Another brand from Norway, Norwegian fish oil offers supplements in liquid or capsule form. Similar to Nordic Naturals, they use unique machinery to produce quality omega oils free of toxins and pollutants. Moreover, they use salmon and shark from the Arctic Ocean.
  6. Spring Valley Fish Oil – This brand is famous for their enteric-coated fish oil pills Normally, a liquid dose of fish oil is better than taking in a capsule since the nutrients are absorbed directly and immediately in liquid form. With enteric-coated fish oil pills, the soft gel capsule will only dissolve once it is already in the small intestine, so the effect would be the same as drinking the oil itself. Also, the enteric coating will prevent the fishy aftertaste and burp, which is common if one drinks generic fish oil supplements.

The type of fish oil brand for you will depend on bodily needs and your health record. It is safe to assume that buying branded supplements are better than generic ones because the former is more guaranteed in terms of technology and research. Hence, knowing the different fish oil brands available on the market is the first step towards making a healthy choice.

Fish Oil Dosage – Find Out the Proper Dosage for You!

One can derive the many health benefits of fish oil by knowing the proper fish oil dosage his body type and health condition

The young, the old, the sick, and even the healthy can all take fish oil pills supplement their diet. However, like all other pills, this supplement can be harmful to those who ingest too much fish oil than the average person.What makes fish oil highly nutritional is its Omega 3 fatty acid content, particularly the Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega 3 is a type of good fat essential to the body. This fatty acid helps cure certain types of cancer, poor memory, heart disorders, and even muscle pains. This is why fish oil is widely used nowadays. Nevertheless, the fish oil dosage is not the same for everyone.

Knowing the Right Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Should You Take a Day?

If it is your first time to take in fish oil vitamins, do not start by taking three capsules per day. Although this is usually the instruction indicated in the label, it is better to test the waters first before plunging right in. This is to avoid side effects like allergies. Also, for those who are already on blood thinners, consult a doctor first before ingesting fish oil, since fish oil already thins the blood.

The normal recourse is to take one capsule per day but in increasing doses over time, until you finally reach three times per day. The World Health Organization recommends that 300-500 milligrams per day is a good starting point. The average healthy person should not exceed 3 grams (3000mg) of fish oil each day. For those with heart disorders and other diseases, the recommended fish oil dosage may vary according to the doctor’s prescription.

Here is a guide for those taking fish oil vitamins for the first time:

  1. Pregnant Women for the Unborn Child – Pregnant women can drink fish oil to secure the child’s good brain function when he is born. Studies have shown that a 200 to 3000 milligram dosage did not result in any side effects. Apart from this, pregnant women should have 1-2 servings of fish every week. Remember to verify with your doctor before supplementing your diet with anything.
  2. Children 5 years old and above – Start with 300mg to test if there are no side effects on the child. However, it is best to ask expert opinion than relying on estimation. Also, for those children who cannot swallow capsules or tablets yet, fish oil capsules can be cut open. The child can drink the liquid inside the capsule but he must drink the substance right away while it is still fresh.
  3. Average Healthy Adult – The minimum dosage is 500 milligrams everyday but this can increase up to 3000 milligrams after taking in the vitamins for a long time.
  4. Those with Heart Problems and Other Disorders – The minimum may start at 1000 milligrams but can even reach 4000 milligrams when the doctor says so. To guarantee the safety of the dosage, check it with the doctor first.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Although the side effects of fish oil are few and unlikely to happen, it is still important to be aware of what could happen if the proper fish oil dosage is not followed. One of the most common and most trivial is the “fishy burp” emitted by people who drink too much fish oil. These people often burp. However, the more serious disadvantages are:

  1. Poisoning – This happens when too many pollutants contained in the oil is absorbed by the body as a result of drinking it too much.
  2. Low blood pressure – Although fish oil is good for regulating blood circulation needed to cure high blood pressure and heart attacks, too much of this substance might result in the reverse: low blood pressure, which is equally detrimental to the person’s health.
  3. Bloated Stomach, Indigestion and other Gastrointestinal Problems – This can be lessened when the fish oil intake is regulated and the pills are meant only as supplements, meaning, taken after meals.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of fish oil is to determine how much dosage is necessary. As the Greeks were wont to say, everything should be in moderation because excess, even of something good, can be bad. Do not let the good effects of fish oil harm your health by knowing the proper fish oil dosage for you.